New film about the war poet Wilfred Owen to be released in 2018

The Burying Party set to become the definitive Wilfred Owen film

On 4th November 1918 Wilfred Owen was killed at the Battle of Sambre and on the 100th anniversary of his death, Sine Wave Media will release The Burying Party, Directed by Richard Weston which will focus on Owen's eventful final year where he befriended his literary contemporaries, gained the Military Cross and eventually perished at a canalside near Ors.

The Burying Party focuses on a fascinating final year for Owen, meeting such literary heavyweights as Robbie Ross, Charles Scott Moncrieff, Robert Graves and of course, his mentor, Siegfried Sassoon. In addition, he returned to the front after assessing his war record and existing poetry, earning the military medal for an attack at Joncourt where he captured an enemy machine gun.

On November 4th 1918, he finally fell at the Sambre-Oise canal in the culmination of The Somme campaign near Ors in France.

Filming took place In Edinburgh, Wirral, Liverpool and North Yorkshire in September followed by a Novemberof the war scenes staged in specially prepared trenches in Suffolk and Wrexham. The team is 

Richard Weston said: "The casting was rigorous, and we needed a team that could carry the weight of such a powerful story. Wilfred Owen (Matthew Staite) is a fascinating character who has never been truly realised. Dominic Hibberd's biography is immensely important in underlining his sexuality, which had a huge influence on his work."

The film includes actors such as Sid Phoenix (Florence Foster Jenkins) and Joyce Branagh, alongside the support of Andrew Caley as Robbie Ross.

Weston added: 'We have come so far with production, and now we're onto the final push towards the festivals'

The Burying Party will be released on November 4th 100 tears after his death and it will have special showings this same week in towns that Owen grew up in or spent time as an adult, namely Birkenhead, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Edinburgh, East London and of course The Somme.

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